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Drawing lines and simple shapes by C# and DirectX

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All of the mentioned libraries are just wrappers over the low-level DirectX API, so they are almost equally hard to draw 2D primitives. Currently SharpDX is the most actively developed one, I think. Regarding SlimDX, the latest version on their site is from 2012, unless I am mistaken. XNA is frozen by Microsoft and no longer actively developed. There is also the MonoGame project, which is actively developed and has 1:1 feature parity with XNA.


If you target Windows desktop, I would recommend using WPF instead for 2D drawing. It uses DirectX under the hood for rendering, but is more high-level than plain DirectX, so drawing 2D primitives can be a lot easier. Another API from Microsoft called Win2D wraps DirectX and offers higher-level abstractions for 2D drawing, but it is targeting universal apps with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 only. For cross-platform rendering, I can suggest SFML, but I have not used it myself.

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