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CEGUI Display content nicely

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I have a FrameWindow with a DefaultWindow as a child. The DefaultWindow contains static text and there is my problem.


I want the static text like a table without a border...


Content                   Content description
Content2                  Content starts at the same position
Content3                  And this should also

It should look like this, but because I add spaces in between the two column and the letters of my font don't have all the same size, it look a bit shifted...

Like this:

Content              test

content2!            test2

Contenti1           test4


Now my question is:

Is there a way, how to say CEGUI inline, that the text should start at e.g. 30% of the window or something like this?



Here is my code:

	[font='DejaVuSans-10 - Bold']Shortcuts[font='DejaVuSans-10']
	Pfeiltaste nach links / rechts:                     Breite des Blockes verändern 
	Pfeiltaste nach oben / unten:	                     Höhe des Blockes verändern
	Q / E:                                                       Den Block drehen
	Rechte Maustaste / Shift + Pfeiltasten:       Sichtfeld bewegen 
	Shift + +/-:                                               Zoom
	Strg + d:                                                  Debug Modus an- / ausschalten
	Strg + Pfeiltaste nach oben / unten:          Todeslinie anpassen (wenn Debugmodus an ist)
	1-4:                                                         Zwischen den Objekten wechseln
	8-9:                                                         Zwischen den Modi wechseln
	Pfeiltaste nach oben / unten + r/g/b/a:       Farbe & Intensität verändern
	Esc:                                                         Objekt löschen, sofern eines ausgewählt wurde (Im Testmodus: Abbruch)

This is, how I setup the text. As you can tell in the code it looks really ugly, but in the actual game it looks like the second example from the top.


Is there a way, how I can give the second column a fixed position or something like this?

I know, that I could do 2 static texts and adjust there positions, but I can't do it, because the text is really long, has a scrollbar, etc...



Thank you in advance :)

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