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Nightvale, 2D metroidvania RPG

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I would like to share my metroidvania project here. I am inspired with classic, NES and SNES. And my vision is to keep this "classic" feel. I'm not trying to make this a major breaktrough in the gaming industry. Castlevania is my biggest inspiration for this title and it's very obvious, I am a huge fan of metroidvanias myself. This is early alpha trailer, so there are currently no plans for demo.
"They're the kind of people who visit the city, ask for a load of cash, finish the job, and then vanish into the shithole they came from. A few times, some of these hero wannabes took the money and made a run for it. While the creature they were supposed to slay was still feeding on innocent children."
"The Calamity is a strange phenomenon that occurs every 113 years. On the day of the Calamity, the sun shall not rise. It is as if a bloody moon stops time and waits until the last breath of humanity."
Platform : MS windows
You can see game on IndieDB http://www.indiedb.com/games/nightvale
I will also add brief description, The game In a nutshell :
- Free roaming, classic level up system
- Swappable Sub-Weapons 
- Relics & Powerups 
- Gemstones (enhances sword)
- Consumable Items 
- Hand crafted pixelart graphic (16:9 screen ratio) 
- Hidden secret areas and treasures 
- Rogue-like elements (Challenge rooms)


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