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A simple danger

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I''ve noticed something happening more and more often in the case of design, designers, and other creative persuits. People seem to become stuck around one single idea. While it is good to choose something, and stay with it, is it possible to chase that, to the point of avoiding or blocking out equally good ideas? Is it possible for being stuck on one idea to bring a project down? I''d like to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks

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All fledgling game designers have their "million dollar idea"... the idea that will (supposedly) be more popular than Tetris and ultimately earn them a Nobel Peace Prize. This isn''t a bad thing; after all, these ideas might indeed be good ones, and at least deserve a little bit of play to test their true merit. However, as a designer it''s important to have breadth of experience. I''m fully guilty of having a "million dollar idea", but I''m aware of the fact that it''s far beyond my current abilities and resources. Smaller projects are a good way to build experience as well as gain more perspectives to approach major projects from. Whether they are fun and helpful depends on whether they are viewed as annoying obstacles, "dues" that must be paid, or as creative endeavors in their own right that hint at even greater things to come.

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