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Froton X

Rayburst, High Speed, Over the Top Action, Side Scroller

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Rayburst is a high-speed, action oriented side scroller where the levels are usually battlefields you maneuver around, fighting against incredibly challenging enemies. Pick from 4 unique characters, each with their own vastly differentiated style of play as you take on hordes of ravenous Pseudo-Dragons.








The game is planned for a PC release.


By the way, my name is Franco Jordan, I've worked on this game for the past 2 years in my spare time, creating the art, game design, and structure. Music was handled by the very capable Dillon Vetere. The game engine used was Game Salad, which has many unfathomable secrets that allow for games of greater complexity to be made than can be initially seen from a glance of the software.

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Hey, this is the expanded demo of my game, it's not the most up to date version, but it does show a good state of the game, if a bit unfinished and rough with the UI and menus.
22 of the 37 in-game missions are available from the get go to{normally you progress through them in numerical order.} All 13 enemies can be encountered, as well as 2 of the 3 current bosses.
I just finished making a really efficient, more responsive system that I will incorporate into the game in a week or two, so I'm releasing this older version so that at least you can see what it's like before the update that will heavily alter the game mechanics{it will be more response, smoother, and faster, as well as allow 2-4 PLAYER co-op.}
The new game system takes into account a lot of feedback I already received regarding this version of the game, but this is the first time I post this much of the game in public. Let me know what you think.

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New build:



The screen setup is different, plus I added a red blips to tell where enemies are offscreen. It was the last planned element to add to the mechanics, so it's a bit early-ish in its looks. The damage calculations are fixed within quick play mode, but outside of it it's still buggy. For example, Gargoyles are suppose to be frail, but take a s much hits as a dragon under the old system.


These are the controls:(in asdw, hjkl, and uiop groups)
ASDW = Movement
H = Special Attack
J= Normal Attack
K= Signature Movement (Propulsion, hovering, and flying.)
L= Power Up (All the others) / Reload (Phreit Nor's gun)
U = Angle Control / Tech Powerup {Grafto}
I = SKILL switch {Gotta be over lv.1, Max level is 6 for 7 skills per character at lv6. You buy books from the turtle under Adventure>Shop)
O = Energy recooperation {The yellow bar, also works on the red bar, which is the equivalent of acid build up in your muscles)
P = Zoom in / out
Spacebar = Inventory where you use gems.
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