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GaiaBound - Parallel Worlds

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"GaiaBound - Parallel Worlds" is a turn based modern RPG that uses a 16 bit graphic style and an in game day/night calendar system with dynamic lighting where you name your friends and pet dog at the beginning of the game, choose one of three classes for your primary character and answer a series of questions to determine your primary character's stats. 
A meteorite has crashed nearby and your family is shaken by the impact. As you start to investigate your home, you encounter hostile inanimate objects coming to life. Upon defeating the enemies and saving your family members, you return to sleep until you here a knocking on the front door in the early morning. Your friend Charles tells you that your three long time friends have gone missing and informs you that he is leaving to Port View City to investigate further. As you embark on your epic journey to find your friends, you take your faithful dog with you and meet a neighbor by the name of Madam May who informs you that portals are opening and closing on different days and for a fee, offers a service to another land called Time's Rift which allows the Player to shift forward through time and cycle through each of the four month calendar seasons in a matter of seconds. 
Features : Dynamic Equipment (main Player's character sprite changes based on what apparel is equipped). 
Day and Night System (1 second is a minute in game time), Calendar System (4 total months for each Season). 
Dynamic Lighting (different lighting in exterior cells based on time). 
Random Trash Can Items (each searchable trash can in the game offers 1 of 3 random items). 
Stamina Sprinting (you can only run until you run out of stamina). 
Temporary Fog of War (cave and dungeon tiles are only visible around the Player in a small radius).
Secret Chests (every map in the game that has enemies has a secret chest that will only appear when all the enemies are defeated on that map). 
Portals (there are a total of 30 different portals, each appearing on a different day on the calendar regardless of the season). 
Animated Battlers and Backgrounds (enemies you fight in battle are animated as well as the background). 
Dynamic Music (soundtrack will change depending on if it's day or night time). 
Arcade Games (two arcade games that both have unique prizes called "StarShot" and "Jumper" can be played). 
Player's Garden (behind the Player's house, there is a garden that allows them to grow up to 4 crops at once. Crop grade depends on how many times you've watered them before harvest and eating them will increase your max stamina meter). 
Seasonal Town Festival (at the end of each month, a festival starts in Portview City where the Mayor will judge contestants crops for a chance at unique prizes that cannot be found elsewhere). 
Music Compositions by CWGlassMusic and Kain Vinosec.
Download link can be found on our steam page, please help support us and vote YES to help the full version get Greenlit : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/657831790

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