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Share your web apps at my new CDN platform : Apphut

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I recently launched a small platform that showcases web applications for other users to navigate to. However it isn't just a sharing platform, you can also host your web apps from our servers and never have to bother with server configurations or maintenance. We do not charge monthly fees and today I want to provide a way for you to freely upload you web application : games, utilities, blogs, etc... just please do not upload anything nefarious. 


It works like this, there are two types of entries you can create linked and hosted. Linked applications can be shared for free, but if you wish to host with us you will have to obtain storage. Every app entry needs to have a cover image, description, category, and tags. If you only wish to share your app by link then the only extra field is a URL where the app lives. Hosted apps are a bit different. After you have provided all the basic info you will need to give a sub-domain name that is used to reference your app and will also need to create a directory structure. You create the directory just as you would on your own server and upload your files there, afterwards you choose which file is the entry point for your app and voila! your app will be online at the available sub-domain.


In order to upload your app you will need to register first. After you have registered you can start uploading linked apps for free, but if you want to host it you will need to follow the developers link on the header and go the 'hosted' section where you will find options to purchase storage or enter a promo code.


I do not impose limits on how many apps you can host as long as you have the necessary storage. Today I would like to give you guys some free storage for you to try it out, and because I am curious to see what types of apps you'll share.


Promo code is webdev


Hopefully you guys enjoy it, if there are any questions please feel free to ask. https://apphut.net




-Alan Z

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Awesome website! But I have to tell you that when the website is loading, it hasnt loaded the stylesheet yet, so I see it without a style.


EDIT: Once cached it works with no problem.

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