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Feedback on my Soundtrack

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Hey readers,

My name is Clayton Stroup.  I'm a composer based in Dallas, TX and I have recently released my first soundtrack for a mod called "Dragon Block C".  I would love to have some feed back about production quality.  I am especially interested in any insight to the guitar sound in the tracks.  This has been my first major attempt at getting good guitar tone so I'd love some suggestions for future endeavors.  

You can hear the soundtrack here:

Thanks for the feed back guys!

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Hi, I listened the first track for now so I'm commenting only it. Nice song overall! :)


So to the guitar sounds:

- I like the backing guitars and the tone is quite good on them. Maybe a bit processed but good otherwise. Blends in with the bass nicely.

- First thing that catches my ear on the lead guitars is the panning. Main lead is just slightly to right all the time, which is quite distracting for some reason. A main lead in the middle could be better.

- The tone is a bit thin and bright. Maybe you've cut too much off the body. Or try to bring in some singing reverbs and delays.

- One big problem with the guitars is that when more guitars come in, the volume rises significantly. Do you have any master compressor or anything?

- And one thing that I notice often when most of the instruments are MIDI and some leads are played with real instruments is that the real instruments are not recorded in as well as the MIDI. Try to nail all the phrases just a little bit more accurately and check the tuning all the time.


Ok, I admit that was quite many things to say about one track, but that doesn't mean it's a bad song :) I'm just really pedantic when I start analyzing stuff and mostly when there are guitars involved :D

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