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New gamedev blog - mostly for beginners

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Hi guys,


I'm a game developer with quite a lot of experience, obtained in entities ranging from indie garage studios to big companies, in a wide range of positions. I started as a programmer, then moved through a lot of roles from lead developer to project manager to producer and more. I teach game development offline to different companies and at a university and I often present on conferences, from smaller ones up to Unity Unite.



Therefore, to make the life of aspirant game developers easier I'm thinking about starting an online blog, and maybe a YouTube channel to go with it. I'd write posts about a very wide range of gamedev components. Of course there are a lot of areas which I'm not an expert in, for these posts I will invite acquaintances from my network - potentially from companies like Google or Oculus Rift too, but also smaller, indie companies as well.


The first objective would be to talk about starting off gamedev as a career and starting your own company. I will touch upon potential traps, things you have to think about first: core gameplay design, programming, team problems and more. Later on, I'll post about Google Play / App Store / Steam etc. mechanics and the required App Store Optimization, data analytics, QA (testing) and more.




I'd love to hear your feedback guys. "There are a bunch of these" is a completely valid feedback as well. "There are a bunch of these and no one reads them" is cool too, but if that's your opinion I would very highly appreciate if you could share your thoughts around why no one reads them.



Happy to answer any questions you might have!


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