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team needed

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*Note.This game may never happen. We need more team members and support.
Hello and welcome to the world of pokemon... wait no thats wrong. 
Howdy we are looking for team members for a small rpg. We do not care if it is 3d or 2d.
The code name right now is Trade Master. All the ideas we have got is: The boss final is called Puppet, There are 15 bosses,
151 weapons and different classes. So yea thats been me, Boop. Going to hand over to j project manager. 
 i am now going to list the avalable in order of how much we need them:
                                                             needs to have knowlage of 3D unity 
                                                             and able to not use tutorials to make it all
                                                                              graphic designer
                                                                needs to be able use blender to  make and render 3D models 
                                                                                    music maker guy 
                                                                     just needs to be able to make nice music 
                                                                                tester (not needed in till beta)
                                                                            communications manager 
                                                                     needs to get every one a way of communication
and thats it comment your application and proof of skills below. im out

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