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This demo contains only a half of the first chapter. The full version will be released in 2016.







The world was totally ruined by the war. Only 'The Dome City' is the last shelter of the mankind. Where the 'Speaking' is illegal, citizens are suffering the oppression of the dictator 'The Great Leader'. But a few resistances are here. They are called 'The Speaker' and have been acting secretly for getting back their rights. The player is a citizen of The Dome City. Become a resistance or become a model citizen... it depends on your choice.
























Q) I would like to know about your team members...
A) There is no team. It was made by only one person.


Q) How's the progress?
A) About 90% until now.


Q) Which engine or tools are used?

A) Ren'py. Graphics are made by Photoshop, 3dsmax.


Q) The in-game map screen doesn't seem accurate.
A) It is incomplete. Please don't mind about the map.


Q) I couldn't choose other commands(Abort, Report... etc.) in "Waiting for your approval" screen.

A) It just texts. You don't need to input anything.


Q) Is it fully translated? Seems there are Korean letters in screenshots...
A) Of course. But... See postscript.







I'm not good at English grammar. Although using the grammar corrector, maybe there is some... uh... many... grammar errors and false sentences will be found that I couldn't found. So if you found it and want to help me, please send a mail to Thanks.


Also, welcome your bug reports or suggestions, too. Please mail to me.

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