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Slip Angle - how exactly?

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I am not sure how to exactly calculate slip angle. I have got several versions here and I want to find out which one is the most accurate one. Actually the equations is clear(atan(Vy/|Vx|)), but the speed obtanation isn't as clear.


Vy must be wheel's movement in it's local lateral axis, I think.


Vx, though, I'm not that sure about. My versions are:

  1. Vx = wlv + wav * wr
  2. Vx = wav * wr
  3. Vx = wlv
  4. Vx = wlv * ((wav * wr) / wlv)

wlv = wheel longitudal velocity

wav = wheel angular velocity

wr = wheel radius


So I'm not sure about which of those 4 versions is the most correct one. I'd appreaciate the right answer.


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