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Blurred Away: A 2D game in 3D space, Literally!

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What makes Blurred Away different?
- A unique Story set in space (I mean, everybody likes space)
- Unique and different characters!
- This game give you the possibility to have companions (MANY) who follows you and help you during a battle (Sometime...)
- Everything is in Pixel Art in a 3D SPACE!
- Unique songs in 8-bit
- Not the usual kill and "go-on" game
- In this game you will be able to take actual meaningful decisions. And not the boring, press yes/no ones. They will be dynamic and flow better!
- Many different endings!
- With a sense of humor
- Many and mysterious events that we challenge you to discover! :P

And so much more!   ^_^?



What is Blurred Away?
Blurred Away is a game made By SaTo, you will travel in space, land in different planets with unique graphic. The story is different from the so many already heard. One day you manage to get to the moon, but the problem will be to come back from that! Or maybe not... You have a duty to fulfill and a reason to stay after all...



What do you mean with unique characters?
Characters that are not cliché! Characters that even if flat in a 3D space are emotionally deep. Of course there are also silly characters, like this dude below (Please he is an attention seeker, help us)



(P.s. This is by the way not actual game footage... Guess most of you found out)


Companions? Really?
Is not a new feature in games but the way we do it, yes.


Those companions are some characters you meet during your trip! Some of them can belong to special events that you must find out, other companions will be given from the story line and some other companion depends from what decisions you will take in the game! All of them unique.

The fun is assured.


2D characters in 3d space?
This game is set in 3D space but the characters are in a 2D plane. We are two developers but lovers of different kind of games. One of us likes pixel art 2d games and the other 3d graphic games so we decided to work together and give life to this project!

To work with the characters in 3D space they rotate ans show different perspectives depending on your position relative to them. Take a look in the gif below!



(Moose in space!)


Rather mysterious little things! I must have to say I cannot spoiler them for now.  :D



If you like our game you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress! We post in all of them everyday!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Blurred_Away
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blurred-Away-871219029655878/
Wordpress Blog: https://blurredaway.wordpress.com/


Thanks for all your support! If you have question about the game fell free to ask us!

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