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bvh auto-retargetting

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I am working on some bvh retargetting task now.
Currently, I am just testing the hips rotation after
mapping the bone from the bvh to my frame hierarchy.

Here are the initial bvh figures

gsrc X:-0.400532 Y:-0.551961 Z:0.428561 W:0.592663
protSrc X:-0 Y:-0 Z:-0 W:1

gsrc is for global rotation of the hips
protSrc is for local rotation of it.
And I get this image after rendering

[attachment=31486:2016-04-11 15_17_14-TestSB.png]
I see it is rotating sideways,
and the original bvh is just standing, just some idling pose
slightly swaying his hands or something, no big motions
So I would think the Quaternion is not correct
I can tell you that the original angle of rotations is as follows:
-71.42 -77.34 11.92
x      y      z
So is it compatible with DirectX?

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How do you calculate the quaternion? Do you have a yaw pitch roll to quaternion function or something? Secondly, are all the other joints parenting the hip rotation? If so, the rotation of the hips shouldn't make the pose twisted as it's the root.

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