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[Game, Online, Android, PC, Free] "Solar Hunters"

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Solar Hunters – is the 2D free session action-mmo game for smartphones and tablets with the unique space-fantasy setting.
The main character is spaceship which takes one of the key RPG classic roles.

  • Attacking;
  • Defensive;
  • Engineer;

Each ship is equipped with the cannon, which shots automatically in the case of opponent’s detection. Besides it is equipped with the 3 unique skills, which can be chosen individually by the game player.

Solar Hunters is Player-vs-Player type of game:

  • The battle goes between 2 teams with 5 players within each one. Totally 10 spaceships can be embattled simultaneously;
  • Winning condition demands the opponent base destruction or the total ship elimination;
  • The player can’t be reborn during the battle. If the player died, he can start the new battle and do not wait until the end of the previous one;
  • The sun is placed in the center of location, on the orbit of which there are two mining stations. Stations can be occupied thereby fighting power of small ships can be strengthened.
  • Rewards are given by the end of the battle and have the form of the game currency, experience and modules achievements. The winners obtain more than the losers. In the case of the tied score both of the teams are regarded as lose team and obtain the corresponded awards.

Playing with frends brings more enjoyment!


Gameplay video



Download and play free

More stuff and community

Game in open pre-alpha version, but we post patchnotes, images and animations, lore and a lot of other stuff. If you like it support us on patreon.


If you need party to play or wanna communicate with me, then send messages here:


With regards ^_^

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