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Keia Ikekai Harris

Mix Up City: Arcade Edition! Rock Paper Scissors with a twist!

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Hello there! My name is Keidizzle and I am posting here as The85thGaming, my new gaming company I am starting.

My very first launch title is called:
Mix Up City: Arcade Edition


I have a wiki complete with a simple tutorial here:





Imagine Rock Paper Scissors on Cards but with a twist: Each card is worth different points and you have a special aura that rewards you if you play certain cards at certain times.

-216 different decks to choose from!
-12 unique auras to use!
-Quick, simple yet deep game play!

The cyber form of the game is currently in development, but I do have a print and play version readily available for FREE!!! :D
 Just give me your feed back on how it plays. Give it a few goes. Try to see if you can predict what card your opponent will use next!
You'll be surprised at how this game will make you feel like you are in each others mind!




Note: The art on the print and play cards are not final art. They are all place holders (and also are some of my favorite characters from various fighters. I play N-Groove Cammy, Morrigan, Hibiki in Capcom Vs SNK 2 and figured heh, awesome place holders. Why not.


Anyway! There is bound to be all kinds of questions regarding game play and such once ya'll get your hands on the game.
So feel free to hit me up here, or on my twitter @The85thGaming or on facebook.
My email is The85thGaming@yahoo.com.









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wow! lots of text here, but seems that the game might be really addictive.


It'll take us some time to get into the rules of the game. Anyway, nice job here! Look forward to checking the mobile version of the game!;)


P.S. Have you already posted at boardgamegeek.com? They have a great community of dedicated players who enjoy new unconventional tabletop games.

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Thanks for the reply Adore!

Maybe I should keep the extra text else where to not overload the player? All that extra text is for the deep mechanics of the Aura system. Some Auras have different trigger timings. I'll put all that extra text in the wiki.

As for BoardGameGeek, I actually just signed up ha ha but since my finished product isn't polished for release, I am going to hold off. Right now, it's all about mechanics, the print and play game as well as getting this game up and running for devices.


Try out the print and play. The first few images on this page will be enough to play.

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to check this game out! I'm gonna go ahead and tweet you out, add ya to face book and take a peek at your page :) Us indies gotta stick together right!

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