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Change inapp currency language?

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I am making an app with 12 different languages that I am translating to. And this time I also want the actual inapp currency to be translated to all languages. The problem is that whenever I test my app the inapp shows up in "kr" (sek) since I am living in Sweden. Do anyone know how I can change this to make them show up in dollars or yen or whatever? I need to test properly since I will convert the string to a blitter.

I have tried to change the language option in the mobile setting but that does not affect the retrieved inapp currency on any app, they still are shown in swedish sek.

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The prices will depend on which country their app store or google play account is registered in, language of the phone does not matter.


There is no way to change the locale of the prices, so the only way I've found is to fake it and use the "wrong" locale when formatting the number.

The price will still be in sek, but it can be formatted like if it was USD, Yen, or whatever.


on iOS you use a NSNumberFormatter, and set the locale on it from the SKProduct. Instead of doing that, just set the locale of your choice.


I don't remember how you do on android, but a similar approach should work.

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If you are on iOS you can create sandbox test users in iTunes connect.

When creating a test user you can specify their iTunes store country.  

Log out of the app store on your test device.

If you run your app when you retrieve your list of purchases they will still be in your default (Swedish) currency
Make a purchase it will prompt you to log into the store so log in using your test account.

Quit the app and start again
Now when you retrieve your items they should have the local currency of your test account


Its been a couple of years since I last made an app with IAP so things may have changed since then.  Also it is a bit of a long winded process especially for testing permenant purchases as you will need to use a new account after every purchase.

It is a lot less painful to do it the way Olof described above.

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