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Karol Kosacki

Feedback: my EP, Infinity Tone, inspired by Quake 2 OST

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Hi everyone,

First of all, let me say Hi to all of you! That's my first post, so just to say a few words about myself: I'm an AI programmer, living in Poland, and I also compose music, mostly for video games. 


And that's what this post is about - I would be grateful for any feedback on my EP, Infinity Tone. The music will be used in an upcoming shooter game, I'll post more info when it's available oficially. 


The EP is partially inspired by stuff like Quake 2 OST - long story short, it's background music for an action packed, adrenaline pumpin' scifi shooter.


I would be grateful for any feedback! Have fun listening!


Here's my soundcloud and my webpage:

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Hi Karol,

Welcome! Heavy stuff you've posted, very nice. An EP full of heavy guitar-laden djent-like metal music. Well polished production too, air tight and in-your-face.
As for feedback: what I'd find interesting to try is to give the guitars (and maybe also kick drum) a little less bass and a little more high frequencies. They are really powerful, loud and impactful, but the low-end sounds very full, so that when guitar, drums and bass are playing simultaneously, it tends to become a little muddled which affects the power of the whole. I think the kick drum uses a lot of sub bass as well, so maybe cut that a bit and leave the sub bass exclusively for the bass?

A similar kind of track that sprang to mind is "Grinder" by Frank Klepacki (Red Alert 2):
It has the same sort of heavy guitars (albeit less djent-y and more hard rock), and they sound equally impactful but with a bit more clarity.

Another one that I thought sounded similar to your style was by Sybreed (
Again, a lot heavier than your EP at times of course, but the guitars sound hugely impactful and brighter (check 2:44 onwards for example).

But despite the feedback, I listened through the whole EP as it is at least twice, haha, so it'd be a thrilling and hard-hitting soundtrack for sure.

The Lost OST

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Thanks for your feedback, The Lost OST!!! I will definitely look into the low end/high end issue you've mentioned in my future tracks. Also, thanks for mentioning the Sybreed track, haven't heard of them, nice reference for the future. 

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