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[Tool] MMORPG Editor + Preview Servers

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Hey there!


Hey guys,

I posted last year about us in our final stretch to release our MMORPG, but today I am happy to share and ask for feedback on our editor that we are making available to the public.

We have found through the years that there really aren't that many great tools when it comes to creating a 2D MMO game experience and started to create the editor to fit our personal needs. Most of us actually got our start working on development of 3rd Party Servers so we want to be able to provide these tools for others to experience that. In the future we want to offer 3rd Party Servers where players are able to make their own game experience and even a stand alone MMORPG Maker Software Product, but it all starts here. We want to see what you guys think of the tools, and what you are able to make with them and have created a screncast video below:

I also wanted to show some quick GIFs from our explanation page, because I know a lot of people just want a quick glance:

Placing Tiles:
Selecting tiles from your tile-set and placing them on a layered level

Placing Objects:
Pre-selected objects being placed on the level

Preview Server[b]
You are able to preview your changes on a server spun up with your local repo

[b]Tile Correction


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