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UV mapping

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I am trying to map a picture to some coordinates but the result is messed up. I am using OpenGL ES 2.0 and Java in Android Studio.


This is the cube file that I am loading the data from -->


Now this is the end result of my uv coordinates stored in a float array called "TextureCoordinates" -->


After that I have my uv coordinates stored in "TextureCoordinates" I am just doing the following -->


And this is the result


Any help is appreciated. Incase you need more information you just have to ask and I will do my best to provide it.



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If I were you, rather than pour over long, unintelligible lists of indices, I'd do the following process in order to get the cube rendering properly:

1.) Get one face working correctly.

2.) Get two faces working correctly.

3.) Get three faces working correctly.

etc...  :)

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A few things may be wrong. Your UV coordinates may not match with the correct vertex, or your index ordering is off. Use a profiler like PIX or nsight and you can debug where your problem is at. OR a simple cube does not have a lot of buffer information to scan through. Go through the position and UV coordinate on paper and you can figure it out.


EDIT: Sorry PIX is direct3d only, but nsight can debug OGL

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