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A problem while setting an operation to Key LALT in DirectX 9?

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Hello, guys! I am currently running into a problem, which seems to be relevant to the Left Alt key. At first, I was playing <Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2> on my office PC. I had played this game on my laptop before, and everything was OK. I liked to set the block operation to the "LALT" key, because that seemed the best idea (much better than LCONTROL or LSHIFT). But this time something strange happend: I just cannot set this operation as LALT! Nor could I set it to LSHIFT! Wow, that was really a nightmare! I tried to search this problem on the Internet, but most of them just said "turn off your Fraps!" Oh, come on! I didn't open Fraps at all! I think it might have something to do with the key itselt. But Alt+Tab works very well when switching among active apps. Then I opened a DirectX 9 program I studied long long ago and tested it with the LALT key---I set the descending operation to LALT. Well, something amazing happens: It looked as if the LALT key can only work during the first press! Once you released it, it just stopped working until you clicked the app window with your mouse! That's quite unacceptable!


    So what do you think is the reason for the problem? The office PC is double-screened. Could that be the reason? Or perhaps I really need to change my keyboard?


    According to my further test, the aforementioned DirectX 9 program has the same problem with RALT, too!

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