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Simplifying skinning transforms?

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Correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand it the following is the bone transformation procedure:

R = current anim key rotation matrix
T = current anim key translation matrix
R1 = next anim key rotation matrix
T1 = next anim key translation matrix
G = transform matrix
G1 = parent transform matrix
I = inverse root matrix
O = bone offset matrix
F = final transform for bone

G = interp(R, R1) * interp(T, T1);
F = I * G * G1 * O;

That is alot of matrix multiplications each frame. Is there anything that can be done to simplify and speed up the process?


Are there any matrices that can be "baked" / pre-transformed without causing artifacts during animation (interpolation) ?

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To speed up you could use quaternions instead rotation matrices, and vectors instead translation matrices.
It's often faster to transform vertices by quats instead matrices too (more arithmetics, less bandwidth), but you should profile.

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