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Twisted 2d platformer where you have to answer questions about the 2016 Elections

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See if you have what it takes to compete in the #PresidentialElections2016. Collect Campaign Funds and grow your Political Influence by being the Smartest and Fastest GOP nominee. To play this Game you have to become Dungeon M. Trump – “No more pussyfooting around”


You have to run and jump to win the Election 2016




You have to solve complex situations regarding your game. 




Every situation can turn out good or bad for you depending on the state of the race 





Want to become a true Political Player and share your own ideas for Game Scenarios? Go to and click Add Scenarios


You can also share your ideas by liking us on Facebook and commenting or on Twitter @DungeonMTrump - Add #DungeonMasterTrump to your post.







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