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Seeking feedback on "A Magical Journey", a new orchestral piece.

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Hi, nice sounding piece of music!


Next I would concentrate on the attacks of the different instruments which really makes a difference between a junior and senior VST-instrument composer. Like the pizzicato or is it spiccato cellos sound too slowly starting in the beginning part so shorten the attack. Same could be said about some of the trombone notes in the end.


The flute melody at the end part is a bit too quiet. It could be doubled in unison or in octave maybe with some other woodwind. Or just change the instrument to higher octave or something. Don't hide beautiful things :)


Keep on composing and save some energy for checking the attacks!



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Really like it! sound very Zelda which is cool imo drums are awesome and I think the oboe/flute melodies are great.

Thanks for the comment. My style is very influenced by the music in Super Mario and Zelda games.

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