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Laszlo Fuleki

[Android][FREE] Blocky rider - Actually finish a game challenge

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So, how many of you are like me and have tons of little prototypes, or samples lying around your PC? From dungeon generator based ARPGs to physics based puzzle games (none of them work as they should), all of them just collecting digital dust, these never see the light. Seeing this, I realized that while I spent a large portion of my free time fiddling with Unity, I decided that the way around this is to start releasing things, starting from the smallest little minigame to a full-blown project later on. This is why I took upon the "actually finish a game challenge", where I developed a game in two weekends, the simplest thing I can think of and publish it. So without further blabbering, I am (not so but somewhat) proud to present my first game that sees the light : Blocky Rider. An infinite runner game masked as a traffic racing game for the lolz.

Please let me know what you think. clear.png

Link :

Screenshots :



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