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[D3D12] Disable shader resource view for back buffer

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I have been reworking my D3D12 framework and discovered that back buffer resource is missing D3D12_RESOURCE_FLAG_DENY_SHADER_RESOURCE flag even if I create swap chain without DXGI_USAGE_SHADER_INPUT flag.


Basically, I am doing the following


IDXGISwapChain3* pDXSwapChain = ...;

ID3D12Resource* pDXBuffer = nullptr;
pDXSwapChain->GetBuffer(index, IID_PPV_ARGS(&pDXBuffer));

D3D12_RESOURCE_DESC texDesc = pDXBuffer->GetDesc();
assert((texDesc.Flags & D3D12_RESOURCE_FLAG_DENY_SHADER_RESOURCE) == 1); // Whoopppss

I would expect D3D12_RESOURCE_FLAG_DENY_SHADER_RESOURCE to be set on the back buffer as well.

Do you know if it is possible to disable shader resource view on the backbuffer? This is not a big problem for me - just curious :-)



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