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Tim Weaver

Exolman concept art and ideas.

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here's my concept art for emperor digiablo and exolman.

digiablo is exolman's arch nemisis, and exolman is our main hero,

the entire game will be in nes style 8bit art,

exolman must go through 10 worlds with 10 levels each,

he must rescue 100 of his friends from the worlds of anime, manga, and video games from digiablo's plot to take over any anime, manga and video game he wants. it's like captain n the game master and wreck-it ralph, but with anime, manga, and video game characters coming together.


[attachment=31627:digiablo concept 1.png]


[attachment=31628:exolman concept 1.png]

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I generally like the style (though lineart could be cleaner (some lines are too long at the end), and coloring is not always perfect (some white showing thorugh)).


2 Things:


1) On your "Exolman", I cannot tell where his arms are.  Ideally you could turn the figure to "all black" (so just show the sihllouette), and you could still tell a lot about the figure (for example where the arms and legs are).


2) Constant linewidth... I understand that you might not have the tools for proper digital drawing (most probably you are just working with a mouse). In this case this might be impossibly hard to achieve, but: if you want to take even simple drawings like yours the extra step, vary linewidths. It will make a HUGE difference. You could for example use stronger lines for the shillouette, and weaker ones for the inside lines.

You could start a line thinner and end thinner to make it more dynamic. You can achieve all kind of effects with a dynamic line thickness.


Of course, you need a drawing tablet to REALLY use this without huge overhead.

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