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Aaron Smith

Particles form a shape/letter/object

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Hello all,


I am fascinated by particles and would love to make a demo which involves two things:


1. particles all scattered around a floor and on button press all start moving to form a shape


I wanted to know if there are any specific techniques that I could look at ?

I am not to bothered about collision of particles to start I just want them to all form a shape, I am not sure how you tell every single particle where to go etc ? 



2. have a shape lets say for example a simple cube and then I want on button press for the shape to break apart as particles and fall to the floor.


I do not know if I am thinking about this the wrong way but would you have an object and then apply some fracture technique in order to create particles at them places and then once that is done remove the original object?


Any advice would be great 


Thank You


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The cheap way is; Start with the particles where you want them to end up. Design your "physics" that will disperse them and invert it; run it backwards. If your particles run in from a random offscreen location, you give each a random vector and start them 500x that vector away as if you'd scattered them FROM their final pattern. Then just wind that physics backwards... at 0x, they'll all be in their final position.

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ok thanks for this advice, ok so i understand i could start particles where i want them

what if i have a object that is moving around the scene where i cannot know the positions of where they must start and the aim of what i am trying to do is as follows

1. have an object move around screen and then on mouse click, the object turns into many particles and then either fall to the ground or explode into pieces

the only part i am unsure on what technique to do is getting the object into many particles, is this where the fracture would come into place to break the object apart and then at them points create particles or just use them fracture pieces?



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