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Tower Game Playtest

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 Hi all! I’m an indie game developer/designer like many others, and more importantly I have a prototype/demo that I would like you to try. You can consider it as a very early playtest of some ideas that I have been throwing around for a while. It’s nothing fancy. Just a simple game with programmer graphics to get the main gameplay in place fast.

It’s a minimalist puzzle platformer with fifteen unique levels focused all around a central mechanic. You’ll have to play it to find out more.


Here is a sample screenshot. Click for larger version.



It’s fully compatible with a dualshock 4 if you use DS4Windows or a keyboard on windows . There is a Mac/OSX version with keyboard support too. For more information about myself and the game please drop by my website to learn more.

If you have any thoughts about the game or anything please leave a comment below or through my site. Specifically if it runs and what you think about the gameplay and how the mechanics work together.


Link to the game for windows included with this post or on my website if the first option is not available. Base line for running the game is an Intel HD 4000 chipset. DirectX9 or higher.


-Shawn W. Benson

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