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Steven Indochina

how to interact with brake, gear, steering wheel

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Hi everyone

I have the machine

It is a driving simulator 

How to interact with brake, gear, steering wheel of the machine. Where should I start such as SDK, programming language, etc?

I need to build my traffic software becuase the traffic law of my country is different?

Thanks in advanced



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The "install cd" supposedly supplied with the equipment contains a driver (as in a hardware abstraction, not as in driver of a car) package for it. If said driver is compatible with the DirectInput interfaces (as most Windows game controllers are), you can use said DirectInput interfaces to get input from the controller to your own program. If the driver is not compatible with DirectInput, then you must consult to the documentation of the equipment (found in its SDK or similar) in order to talk to the device.


DirectInput interfaces and their documentation can be found in the Windows SDK. If your hardware has its own SDK, I have absolutely no idea where to get it.


What is your programming experience level in general? A pre-requisite of using DI is that you are a somewhat experienced programmer to begin with.

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