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Nether Earth: Reborn [Strategy]

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Hi all !


I present to you my project.


Battles of big robots begin!

The mother of all real-time strategies. Remake of the famous strategy Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum & Commodore 64 . The game where you have to clean the Earth from alien invaders using the robots of different models. Robots can be designed from various parts on your military base. Capturing military bases, factories for the production of modules for robots, fierce enemy attacks, air support, building turrets. It's all waiting for you in this game!

  • What awaits you in the game: 

    1. 13 levels in the campaign for Terrans 
    2. Robot constructor. Build robots as you want 
    3. Many modules of which you can create a robot: 
        a. Body modul 
        b. Chassis modul 
        c. Weapon modules (You can install up to 6 pieces for the body) 
        d. Electronics modules (You can install up to 2 pieces for the body)

    4. Build defensive turrets to repel the attacks of alien robots 
    6. Call air support when it becomes very tight 

    And more...

Video gameplay -

Vote for this game -



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