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Need tips to improve game graphics

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>>  i placed my game on the playstore and have noticed that its slacking when it comes to graphics.


so you're obviously comparing it to something.


post a shot of what you've got, and what they've got.


then we can tell what's different, what you need to improve, and the tools and techniques required to do so.


generally speaking, for both 2d and 3d games, better textures/bitmaps/sprites = better graphics. this would call for a good 2d paint program and 2d art skills.


for 3d games, better models and animations also tend to = better graphics. this would call for good 3d modeling and animation software. and 3d modeling and animation skills.


post-processing special effects could also be considered = better graphics.  this is usually done with the game's graphics library/engine/code. this calls for graphics coding skills.


edit: almost forgot, for games with lighting, better lighting = better graphics. this requires knowledge of the game's lighting systems, and skills which are most related to photography or painting.


scene composition is another thing that can = better graphics. this can mean the look of a 2d screen,  the layout and details of a 3d level design, or even something as advanced as a scene manager AI that orchestrates space combat sequences just so they are more visually appealing to the player during game play.  again, this requires artistic skills related to painting, photography, or perhaps even director of photography in film.

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