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Throne of Lies, a title in the works.

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Hey GameDev.Net I am Micropsia and I am writing to you guys on behalf of my team we have been working on a game called “Throne of Lies” or ToL for short. It has been in development for the past few months by a great team of devs. I write here in the hopes of peaking your interest.

A bit about ToL:

Throne of lies is a Social-RPG where players work to lift their alliance to the Throne. Each player is assigned a unique role, a shared faction, and an objective. Every player, with a few exceptions, will remain anonymous to the other and, throughout the game, must discover both who is ally and traitor.

During the day, players discuss clues and who may be suspicious to potentially vote off a player: those accused of treason, by majority vote, will be executed by the accuser.

At night, players will appear in customized rooms, depending on their role, with the ability to either investigate, defend or kill others to discover and discuss in the morning, slowly deducting who is what role and faction as players die off.

Some interesting features:

* Full 3D, DirectX 11 graphics with 64-bit power to play at maximum performance.

* Camera node system, capturing every angle - static camera is there, if you want it, though!

* Individual rooms at night, customized to your role; cult meeting rooms? Oh, yes.

* If you get thrown in a dungeon cell; it's not just your imagination that keeps you there.

* We believe death shouldn't be boring! Unique Death/ghost system.

* Unique social interactions.

* Your deduction skills are just as, if not more, useful than your skills and abilities.

* Unlock and equip components: not just full skins: Weapons, shields, armor, helmets, and even auras.

* 15 player online interrogation system.

* Trial and Treason system.

* Players found guilty of treason can be executed by either the accuser or the king.

* Weapon components are directly tied to execution ability varieties, fully animated with particle system.

Feel free to check us out further on social media, all relevant links can be found at:

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