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urWorld (playable on Steam)

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We do monthly releases. Download the game launcher and then download our game and check it out! http://store.steampowered.com/app/355500


Banished from your home town, dropped in the middle of the woods left for dead. Use your skill and cunning you attempt to survive the elements; hunt, and keep safe. 

The environment can be your best friend or worst enemy. You must use it's resources to help you survive 

The weather is constantly changing. Protect yourself from the elements. 

Whether it be a creating a tool, or a log cabin. Items you collect can be mixed together to create something new. 

Increase your productivity with tools or make a previously impossible job possible.Once made you will need them to work the land. 

The woods are unforgiving you must make sure you take steps not to freeze, starve or injured. 

Gathering fruit in the forest or hunting a wild boar, you must find food to survive. 

Beware the darkness. Terror lurks in the shadow of night. 


LMB clear area = Walk 

LMB Click on object i.e. foliage = Use 

LMB (Inventory Item) = Drag 

RMB (Hold) = Rotate camera 

RMB (Inventory Item) = Use/Equip

MW = Zoom In/Out 

Open Inventory Window = I 

Open Crafting Window = C 

Settings Popup = O



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This months update was just released today. We added fishing and a rabbit that runs around. More rabbits and hunting to come in the next update along with building structures.

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It looks good, and it's fun to play.

So far, it runs a bit slow at first, but seems to do alright after a little while.  It seems to be full screen by default, which is fine, but there is no way to change it to windowed that I can see.


Also, I pressed "ESC" to access the menu, but there was no menu, and the game just ended.  I think "ESC" is a pretty normal key for accessing a menu, or simply pausing the game, so you may want to consider utilizing the "ESC" key.


I didn't get to play too long, so that's all I have so far.

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