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Connect 3D

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I made my first game based on an idea I came up with years ago to kill time in school. Since it's not one that many people would play anyway, if anyone does give it a shot and makes it to the end of a couple of games, I'd really appreciate some feedback.

For the record, it's free, only on PC, and requires no installation.


Here's a quick description from majorgeeks that covers a bunch of points better than I can:

Connect 3D provides you with a challenging game similar to a multi-leveled 3D Tic Tac Toe meets Connect 4 with a twist.
The object of the game is to complete rows in any direction, as well as on any level and gain more points than your opponent, which can be another 'human' or against the machine with varying degrees of difficulty - one point is awarded for completing a row in any direction. 
Connect 3D then takes the gameplay a step further by flipping itself in order to keep the game interestingly difficult. While playing during testing it took a minute to get the hang of this aspect, but since there isn't a time restraint while you contemplate your next move you can really think it out.



It's quite good for keeping your brain active while playing, and generally most people start out unable to see anything, but you improve fairly easily so don't let it put you off. It can be pretty fun if you have two people of a similar skill level, though I also coded some basic AI that you can play against.
  • Most game options are fully customisable (but it's best to keep with default ones)
  • Local multiplayer
  • AI with different difficulty levels
  • Correctly fits any sized screen
  • Everything coded from scratch (even the scrollable menu which was a pain to get working)


Here's a screenshot of it (a few more on the download page):



Download link: I attached it to the post, and if that doesn't work go to https://peter-hunt.itch.io/connect3d

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