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The Floor Is Made of Lava - A (Not-Pixel) Metroidvania [PC]

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In The Floor Is Made of Lava, Jimmy must use his imagination against itself in order to save his brother, or else lose him to the darkness.
 As Jimmy ventures through the worlds of his mind's creation, he'll need to solve puzzles, battle enemies, and challenge bosses, each one guarding a valuable piece of equipment to make Jimmy more powerful.
Gaining this equipment will also open up alternate paths and secrets to explore in previous levels (which may yield their own rewards).
With imagination as both an enemy and an ally, it's up to you to figure out the best ways to use yours.
Hey guys, if you've read to this point, you're probably a bit interested in the game, right?
You can find more info on our website (, or our Kickstarter page ( It's kind of on a 'Pre-order' status right now, except the pre-order money will go directly to getting the game out sooner, rather than going in our pockets!
We've also got a demo available right from the Kickstarter page. Feel free to try it out!

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Hey everyone,


If you've checked out the Kickstarter, great! We've had a few updates since we first launched that have improved the demo, so now's the time to try it out!


If you're not sure about the commitment to downloading it, well, we understand. So we'll be doing a livestream on Twitch tomorrow at 6pm EST, so you can check it out there instead! You'll also get to hear us talk about the game, ourselves, and the future of Lava.


Hope to see you there!

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