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Frame pacing / frame skipping issue

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Hello guys,


I am working on a little project in Monogame and I have to make clear right from the start that I'm not hyper experienced at all when it comes to 3d rendering (3 months of hobby experience? Oh lord...)


Anyways, my game has a wierd frame pacing issue and maybe you guys can point me in the right directions when it comes to finding the error.


When googling the issue only stuff like SLI/Crossfire and Bloodborne came up.


So yeah the issue is basically every once or twice a second I get a gap in computation, approximately double the usual frame time. Und usually one frame with almost 0 ms frametime somewhere too.


This was never noticeable when the game ran at very high framerates (>250 fps). When capping the game at 60 it wouldn't be really noticeable as well, although *sometimes* when i locked to 60 and enabled Vsync it would go to 30 for a few frames, which was noticeable.


However, if I use some more complicated rendering on the GPU, for example just rendering at multiresolution / supersample, and the game runs naturally at 60 or below it becomes very VERY choppy.

I recorded the whole thing as a trace for Intel GPA (see below).

I think it's safe to say it's not the garbage collector, I checked it in-engine and the garbage disposal times are not aligned with the bumps.

Any ideas where I might check for problems?




and more zoomed in



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It looks like the gpu is getting starved, right? There's a huge gap where there's nothing going on. Some other process you have open might be stalling it, or the cpu side might be blocked doing something and not submitting any commands to it perhaps?

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