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ROTORCRAFT BREAKOUT - Most Challenging Helicopter Game

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MISSION: Survive The Deadliest Bermuda Triangle.




We, at Texels have developed and published our first game - Rotorcraft Breakout, a 2D Helicopter Game.


Have you ever wondered how the mysterious Bermuda Triangle looks like? What if you were trapped inside and had a chance to escape? May be you cannot in the Real Bermuda Triangle but in our Bermuda Triangle, you definitely can.


Download our Game to see our illustration of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and try to survive by dodging various exciting and challenging barriers.



1) 5 Different Helicopters:
None of us like to wear the same old clothes every single day! Do we? The same logic applies to a true pilot of Rotorcraft. We get to choose 5 different versions of helicopters we want to drive and by different versions it’s not about the looks alone, the air dynamics play a crucial role too. So how do we get to ride the coolest helicopter in store ? Go an extra mile! Collect all the golden coins at Bermuda triangle and prove yourself worthy to use that Purple tinted rotor car. 
2) 5 Different Power ups:
A Rotorcraft is never cool without power ups! Feed your beast by collecting those power ups and watch it do wonders. We have this Turbo, Shield, Coin Multiplier,Coin Magnet and the Missile Power up placed randomly in our Bermuda Triangle! Turbo makes your work simple by travelling long distances within a blink of an eye. With the shield power up your Rotorcraft can literally bash up any rock, the coin multiplier and coin magnet power ups makes your piggy bank work easier.Finally the missile power up kicks ass of the barriers. You got to collect them to witness how cool they are.
3) 3 Different Themes:
Be it the vintage copter or the flappy bird! Aren’t we bored seeing the same old terrain running at the back endlessly? That is why we have implemented three different themes day/evening/night to make our gamers play rotorcraft all day long.
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