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Basic level editor

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Hi there!


I am looking for simple EXISTING software.

The software may not be actually a level editor, it might be some non-game-related software.


Basic idea: to make it easier to arrange objects on a grid.


Required features:

  1. Initialize some kind of palette with different types of objects (cubes as rendering approximation would be fine).
  2. Be able to create square floor (1000x1000 units max).
  3. Take an object from a palette and place it on a floor.
  4. Store (and load) to some format to read it in my game and in the level editor between runs. If the format is binary, it should be documented.
  5. Should run on Win10.

Optional features:

  1. Be able to store size of each object type on the palette (a car and a human have different sizes, so it's better to store it once than changing every object instantiation)
  2. Able to rotate object on a grid.
  3. Height map.

On current phase I don’t have time to write it by myself.

In the feature I am going to write it by myself with additional customization.


If someone knows this software, please let me know.

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Thank you, GuyWithBeard!

It's much better than paint.net!!! :)


It satisfies me by 80%!!! 


I just wonder: is there something even more better?

The metaphor for software I am looking for is: "Chess board placement tool"


With some objects (predefined) on a palette, and I just place in right places on some variable-length grid.

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