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[Android] Dinky Diver

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Hi all,

Today we uploaded our game to the Google Play Store and put it on open beta mode so people can check out our upcoming game and help filter out the last bugs in there. I thought I'd ask you guys for feedback as well clear.png

[attachment=31788:ss (2016-05-07 at 12.19.44).jpg]


Beta signup/download link:


What is Dinky Diver
Dinky Diver is an endless 'runner' game where you have to dive as deep as you can. Every time you play you'll find yourself in a completely randomly generated level, with different challenges ahead! We use unique physics based controls to play the game and feature competitive multiplayer, different creatures with each their own unique gameplay, the kraken and customization. Dinky Diver is currently being developed for Android.

Technical details
Dinky Diver is being developed with Unity 5, and is being build for Android at this point. As a backbone in our development we use Soom.la, we use Unity ads as our ad network, HeroicLabs with gameup provides our backbone for Facebook highscores and we use GameAnalytics to track our users clear.png

Who are we
We are a 3 game development students strong company called Sword GC (yes, Games Company) from the Netherlands. We believe in simple controls, simple gameplay and love putting a ton of feedback in every little peace of gameplay we create.

Feedback we are interested in
During the development we've almost only been able to test our game on the recent galaxy S (3-7) and recent nexus phones. We're very interested in seeing if our game works as expected on more phones. As far as we've been able to think of and test bugs we've found them and fixed them (hence the beta stage) but we'd love to see you guys try and break our game.

Know bugs:
- Sometimes (random?) the google+ achievement screen doesn't load and crashes.
- If you play the game, and end it via the pause menu the score of the previous game is shown.
- At the beginning of a game some of the background might pop-in.
- Z-fighting



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Wow pretty, I got an internal server error while pulling it.

I'll try again tomorrow.

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Tried on Huawei Y360. Text in 'daily quests' is very fuzzy.

I expected 'daily quests' dialog to close with back button but apparently I have to click on the X, it is quite small partially out of screen.

When I hit 'play' in the center of the main screen it took me back to home screen.

It restarted.


Similar for character customization, I hit the dress button. The screen scrolls to wardrobe but I cannot scroll it back even though the animation builds me that expectation.

It turns out I have to hit the 'home' button in the top right corner. I almost didn't notice it.


Loading the awards lags a lot.


I can claim the 5 diamonds from the daily quests over and over. They never get added and the button is still there.


Nothing, ? just doesn't work. I mean, pushing the button play takes me to home screen.


Hitting the home button on device does not suspend but rather kills the app. Maybe that's Unity, IDK.

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Hi MaxDZ8,
First of all, thanks for trying out Dinky Diver! The text in the Daily Quests menu should be fixed with the next update of the game. As for the feedback regarding the closing of the window using the "Back" button and "scrolling" between the screens in the mainmenu, awesome! These are some nice suggestions and we will definitely take a look at the mainmenu and see if we can fit them in. 
The other issues you encounter are a first for us. With awards I assume you mean the achievements from Google Play? Or do you mean something else? Is the claim button for the quests slightly transparent? Because that would mean that the button is disabled and behaves as intended. The fact that the "Play" button takes you to your homescreen means the game just crashes. We are unsure why this is happening and will definitely check this out.
Thanks again for trying and for your valuable feedback!

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