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Unity Game Maker Tools for Touch Screens

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Hi devs,


I am planning to start a small hobby project later this year, making a tool for prototyping games on a tablet. One of my core concepts will focus on making coding not suck without a keyboard. I will most likely look into using a graph based approach in a highly OOP environment, trying to avoid both typing and drag'n'drop programming. I will probably use Unity as backend (not relevant for this topic, but no I will not make an engine from scratch).


My question is what prototyping tools do you know, that would work well for touch? The only ones I can find are in the Lego-programming category: Scratch, Hopscotch and Tynker, and these are frankly painful to use when it comes to productivity. While teaching programming is always cool, I am mainly looking to make a tool that experienced game devs would want to pull out when sitting on a train, or when just too lazy to leave their couch.


Any suggestions for user interface would be very helpful :) Any other suggestions are also very welcome, as long as they are not about optimization or backend.




Also sorry if this does not fit in "APIs and Tools"

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