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Free Unreal Engine c++ Beginners series (W.I.P)

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Hey everyone!

I posted this on a other media, but heck, this seems a pretty good forum, lemme put it out for you all!

So what I am making is a free from complete beginner up c++ and unreal engine tutorial series.

Find it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL34dP91tzcgTvyWyPt7uD-H3VZGFq56Cu

So yeah, if you want to learn unreal engine with c++ for free, this may be something to look at, please do keep in mind that it is still work in progress.


So let me put a little FAQ here:

What is it?

Its a free unreal engine c++ tutorial series, on YouTube, that is still in progress.

Why are you making it?

I want a free tutorial source available for this, and there is no full series available for free yet at this moment in time. So as you remember more when you teach it to someone else, I started this series!

For which OS?

I am using Windows myself (although if adobe would get moving and make adobe CC for Linux I would switch to Linux :P), so the content will be made using Windows, and Microsoft visual studio. Other platform alternatives like x code for OS X and code::blocks for Linux are available, only I do not make content explicitly for it.If there is a huge request I may once make it.

What do I need?

Well, first you may need the most obvious, a computer. This computer will have to comply with the unreal engine minimal specs(which can be found here), and if not at least be able to run it properly.

How many uploads will there be?

Well it depends a little on how the series goes, I guess as many as you guys (the audience) want! I will try to upload 3 video's per week, but due to school there may sometimes be a disruption in the schedule.

Other random things

If you have any suggestions to improve this series, please tell me! I would love to get feedback and I will try to use it to improve!

I am sorry if you find my voice annoying, as I am only 13, I hope this will change over time, I guess until then you may just be stuck with it xD


So I think that wraps things up, and I hope to hear from ya all!

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