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BCB5 Controls and Dx7

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Been a while... I have a few questions about using VCL Controls with DirectX7 I''m basically a newbie with programming but i''m getting there. I''ve been teaching myself as I go...Anyways... I made a Dx7 Component that enters Exclusive mode, creates a Primary surface with 2 buffers, Loads a bitmap to build a large background and Flips the Primary surface during an idleloop. I used 2 RECTs to scroll around background during the loop. This seems to work fine but the Dx7SDK does not talk at all about displaying buttons or controls and I was wondering if any one could give me a basic idea as to how do it...Or if I should at all... And one last thing, Do I need a DDClipper for a full screen app? I remember reading in the SDK that a FullScreen app did not need a Clipper. Any help would be appreciated! Mike Go Canuck Go!

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When you create a DirectDraw application, you do not generally use standard controls such as buttons. If you want buttons, lists, comboboxes, etc, then you draw them yourself and handle mouse clicks and key presses yourself.

Someone did make some controls for DirectDraw applications called DXControls or something similar. I cannot remember where to find them though.

You only need a clipper in windowed mode. This is because other windows may overlap your DirectDraw window.

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