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OpenGL PBR 3D Models

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What are the needed material properties of new high-end models for rendering? 

While I currently read about PBR and inspect some shader code, I know each material must have a Fresnel R0 value and a roughness value (perhaps a roughness map..?).


In this shader the writer also declared a uniform as "vec3 u_colorMaterial". Why is this needed in addition to an albedo map?

Also, in this shader can you explain the next three textures:

Texture2D TexRoughness; //why is this a texture and not a uniform like the previous shader?
Texture2D TexMetallic;
Texture2D TexOcclusion;

By the way, are specular maps out of the game these days?


Is there a site on the web that offers free high-end models so I can do some testing?

Can I use Assimp to load these kind of models? I think it doesn't even load a "roughness" material property.


If anyone could shed some light on some of these questions that would be great

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