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[Unity] Dreamteck Splines - The all-in-one spline and mesh generation solution for your games

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Hi everybody! We are a new indie game studio hat just released it's first product on the Unity Asset Store. We'll be doing a giveaway next week, so stay tuned for that on our Facebook page. We would love to hear some feedback on what you think. Our goal is to provide a tool with responsive support, a growing free library of code and projects for it and upcoming updates with new features. So without further ado, this is Dreamteck Splines
What is it?
Dreamteck Splines is an all-in-one spline solution that will help you with level design, game mechanics and effects. Create and follow paths, generate geometry, spawn objects, control particles, level terrain and much more! This is a battle-tested tool that our company has been developing and using for years. We started it's development back in 2013 and slowly advanced it throughout the years. Recently we realized that the tool has grown into a big asset that can help lots of other developers and studios so we decided to make it public by releasing it on the asset store.
Asset Store Page
Official Website Page

Promo Video
Demo Scene

Selling point
While currently there are lots of other spline solutions on the asset store we feel that our asset has some unique aspects that developers might find useful. Dreamteck Splines is not just a spline extension, it comes with a range of components that are able to follow splines with uniform speed, generate geometry along splines, spawn and control objects, level terrains, project objects along splines and a lot more. For the full list of available components, refer to the end of the post. Our solution is tight - each spline is one game object no matter how many control points it has. In the same time, if a control point needs to be parented to a Transform in the scene, that's possible using the so-called Nodes. On top of all this, the tool is open source. We feel that developers should be able to edit the code and even contribute for future releases.?

Key features

- Rapid spline creation and editing via custom editor in Unity.
- Four types of splines: Hermite, Bezier, B-Spline and Linear
- Lots of components
- Mobile friendly
- Single Game Object per spline
- Procedural primitives and saving presets for later use
- Junctions
- Morph states
- On-the-fly mesh generation
- Multithreading
- Open source?

Version 1.0.0
This is version 1.0.0 and if there's enough interest, we are planning to expand the functionality of the tool, adding more components, editor features and further optimizing the performance. We already have a list of tasks for the next version and have started working on it.

Free content
Since this tool has been serving our company for some time now, we have a repository of MonoBehaviour scripts that help produce various effects and gameplay behaviors using our spline system. We're going to start adding these scripts and complete projects to the tool's official page and make them public for everyone who's interested. Expect the scripting repository on this page soon: 

While the tool comes with an extensive PDF User manual and API reference, we're currently recording video tutorials and uploading them on our YouTube channel. This is a list of all the available tutorials so far: [Dreamteck Splines Tutorials]

More coming soon...

List of components in v1.0.0

  • SplineComputer - A spline, affected by the Transform component which can be edited and evaluated
  • Spline Follower - Follow a spline with uniform speed (3 wrap modes)
  • Spline Projector - Project a 3D point in space on a spline
  • Particle Controller - (Uses Shuriken)spawn particles along a spline and animate them
  • Object controller - Spawn and control GameObjects along a spline
  • Spline Renderer - Render a spline with any camera (analogue of the line renderer)
  • Path Generator - Generate flat geometry along a spline (useful for making roads)
  • Tube Generator - Generate a tube along a spline (usfeul for making pipes, ropes, tubes...)
  • Waveform generator - Generate a waveform using the spline's shape (useful for visualizing music, making fences and 2D terrains)
  • Surface generator - Creates a triangulated surface from a spline shape (useful for rendering shapes, modeling platforms, water pools, etc.)
  • Extrude Mesh - Extrudes a custom mesh along a spline
  • Length Calculator - Calculates the length in world units of the spline
  • Node - used to bind control points to Transforms in the scene and for making junctions

Editor-only tools in v1.0.0

  • Level Terrain - Levels a unity terrain using a spline
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We're currently working on a new component called Game Object Bender. It bends a single game object and all of it's children along a spline. An example use of this component would be to create a Inception effect where the whole city bends. This feature will be included in the upcoming 1.1.0 version of the tool.


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