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CipherPusher : Action/Puzzle with blocks, vortexes & seafood [C++/Allegro]

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Hello all,

In my spare time, I'm working a on an Action/Puzzle game called “Cipher Pusher” and I'd like to tell you about it.
It's about blocks, vortexes & seafood.

Here's the trailer :

" title="External link">

Cipher Pusher

Cipher Pusher is a 2D top down Action/Puzzle game where you will have to push, carry, rotate, and connect some blocks!
But wait you can also remote-push, multi-push several blocks at a time, perform chain reactions… to achieve even greater combos!
You play as an astronaut without any weapon… and though you will have to dodge thousands of missiles, encounter hostile octopus-like lifeforms, experiment strange mechanisms to solve puzzles…

A little history about the project

Cipher Pusher is born from a fructful collaboration with Katinaé and Florent during Global Game Jam 2015. The original theme of the jam (“What do we do now?”) was quite exciting. While making “And I push”, the original purpose was to include as much confusing gameplay elements as possible (such as lots of QTEs, weird feedbacks, audio QTEs...) I wanted to disorient the player, in a top-down 2D world where you have to push blocks. Baffling players by overusing cryptic QTEs was lot of fun, but in the long run, a game like this is surely frustrating. As the initial idea kept on inspiring me in my spare time I continued working on this prototype to smooth user experience. By combining Action with Puzzle, the game now provides straightforward arcade/action rooms as gameplay base. This gives a simple approach which may lead you progressively to more enigmatic and complicated places. I attended these local events to get a lot of feedback during the design process, listening to every kind of player. I don't implement an 'answer' to every remark, because I also have a vision where I want to go, but I try to take into account every clever move that fits into my game type.

Dev info

I'm coding this game in C++. And I'm also coding its engine, based on Allegro 5.


I have been using C,C++,Allegro since 2000 (and before that I was using Basic and Pascal!)
My first Allegro game attempt is
" title="External link">this 2D vertical shooter (DOS, 2000, C, Allegro 3.12, 256 colors)
Here are also:
" title="External link">a Tetris clone (2003, C, Allegro 4)
" title="External link">"Dance Dance Revolution" mix selector (2011, C++, Allegro 4)
" title="External link">tool to organize "fair" videogame music blindtests (2013, C++, Allegro 4)
more projects can be found on my webpage or my small youtube channel
None of these old projects were ever released. I did this for fun, and for learning purposes.
(They couldn't have been released anyway, because of all these assets coming from other games)

Steam Greenlight & spread the word

Let's go back to Cipher Pusher.
I have great pleasure in launching its Steam Greenlight !

If you liked the trailer, or my previous work, please go to Steam website and vote YES here !

As you probably know, this is important because it will allow the game to get published.

If you want to help much more, it's possible! :) You can help us by spreading the word !
• on Facebook : Share this post https://www.facebook.com/CipherPusher/posts/1337700546245272
• on Twitter : RT this tweet https://twitter.com/elbloco80/status/732541118806659073

Thanks A LOT for your time!

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Awesome work. Keep it up!

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Thanks for your kind words!


Well, it was rather fast: Cipher Pusher got Greenlit in < 10 days. :blink:

Thanks to all people who played/voted/commented/spread !

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