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Lightspeed Frontier - Moddable ship building RPG

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Copy and pasted from the (new) forums here.  We're trying to grow the community, so come and check it out :)




Story goes, you're an average Joe working shifts at a frontier outpost until one day when you've stockpiled enough cash to get an old rusty command pod and see where the solar wind takes you. 


But the outer reaches of the galaxy can be a scary place. Corporations have been around for years, and have been monopolizing resources and benefiting from their ill-gotten gains. Also, it can be tough to track down criminals who are traveling at relativistic speeds, so naturally many of them have joined up to have a space pirate tea party out there... complete with guns, anger, and unreasonably high opinions of themselves. 


So back to the ships. It's your job to equip yourself with means necessary to make a living out in these parts, and that means fast engines, a well built vessel, and guns. Lots and lots of guns. You will receive transmissions to your space dock for quests to help fund your new fun-loving lifestyle. You will run into pirates who would love nothing more than to pick their teeth with the broken shards of your spirit. But if you're lucky, you can loot their remains for your own gain. All of this to say, your goal is to build the best damn ship in the outer reaches, and here are some considerations for you. 

* Ships rely on real (or close to it..) space physics. Your mass and weight distribution are key factors in your ship designs. You will need to balance how much armor you have with where your important ship components are placed. 

* You don't have to watch for engine placement that much as all of them will puch your ship foreward perfectly, but they need to be protected from enemy fire so consider that before lunging forward. 

* Your guns will fire in the direction that you place them on your ship. Side guns shoot to side, front guns shoot to the front. You get the idea. 

* You can heal your ship by going back to your space station. There, the healing arm of life will dispense green nanobot goodness all over you - for a price. 



Here's a pre-alpha showcase

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