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Vladimir Slav

Slider Cube is out on Android

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Hi everyone!


I wanted to make a simple action game under short constraints: 1 week for development (which I failed by 2 days because of polishing) and here's the result.

The gameplay is quite simple: you have a cube that moves between two walls and must avoid obstacles. Tap to jump from wall to wall. Tap during mid-flight to go back. Cube follows tap's y-coordinates. I tried to make it polished and worked on controls extra hard (I'm pretty sure 40% of time just went into finding the right controls): I think they must be extra sensitive and responsive in game like this.


While jumping, you can pick up bonuses and the score accumulates. After you reach certain milestones - you unlock extra customization options.

Here's the google play link:

Gameplay Video:

Although the art is what you would call "programmer art" - I think the game dynamics turned out just right. I've tried to compensate it with polishing and extra particles.

If you have extra time - I'd appreciate if you check this one out. Any feedback is welcome. Cheers!

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