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Dean Clarke

3D Platform Game - ASCENT Demo

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We have just finished our first gameplay demo for ASCENT, a platformer inspired by games such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. :)
ASCENT features two stranded heroes, Bluu and Blip, who must ascend a gigantic tree to escape an alien world. Encountering a ruthless species known as the Aphids, along with the aggressive wildlife of the mysterious planet, this makes for a dangerous and lengthy journey.
Here is the gameplay:
Any thoughts and feedback much appreciated!  :)
Many thanks!


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There are a few things that I feel negatively impact this trailer/gameplay video, but should be relatively simple to fix.


 -First of all, the title. The word 'Ascent' seems too concrete and defining, almost rigid, more suited to a more serious feeling game. The title art especially, is not light and cartoony like that of Crash or Spyro.

 -Secondly, WHERE DID THE FRAMES GO? Seriously, once the cutscenes turn to gameplay, the framerate is extremely low, as well as lacking sound.

 -Finally, the gameplay is not very 'exciting'. If you want to release this in a press kit or something, it is not going to hold a viewers attention for very long, as not very much happens. Don't be afraid to cut the boring parts out, or even add commentary.


Other than that, its looking nice so far. What could really add a bit of emotion, although not very easy to do, is add eye and face motion to Bluu. They seem almost less lively than Blip, who is a robot.

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