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DX11 [Help] From 2D Filled Color Rect to 2D Filled Texture Rect

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Hello Community,

I was reading through the rastertek tutorials and got quite confused how complicated stuff is explained.

Basicly I am trying to map a texture (image) into a rect.


If I want draw a simple colored rect, I use this code

void G::Base::DX11Renderer::DrawFilledBox(C2D _at, DIM _dim, Color _BoxColor)
	if (ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context == nullptr)

	int a = _BoxColor.A & 0xff;
	int r = _BoxColor.R & 0xff;
	int g = _BoxColor.G & 0xff;
	int b = _BoxColor.B & 0xff;
	D3DXCOLOR* col = new D3DXCOLOR(((float)r / 255.0f), ((float)g / 255.0f), ((float)b / 255.0f), ((float)a / 255.0f));

	UINT viewportNumber = 1;

	float blendFactor[] = { 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f };
	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->OMSetBlendState(ptr_transparency, blendFactor, 0xffffffff);
	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->RSGetViewports(&viewportNumber, &vp);

	C2D loc_f = _at;
	C2D loc_t = C2D(_at.x + _dim.w, _at.y + _dim.h);
	DIM loc_view(vp.Width, vp.Height);
	NormC(&loc_f, loc_view);
	NormC(&loc_t, loc_view);


	if (FAILED(ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->Map(ptr_VertexBuffer, NULL, D3D11_MAP_WRITE_DISCARD, NULL, &mapData)))

	v = (COLOR_VERTEX*)mapData.pData;
	// position = [0] 
	//  [0]------[1]
	//   |        |
	//   |        |
	//   |        |
	//  [2]------[3]

	v[0].Position.x = loc_f.x;
	v[0].Position.y = loc_f.y;
	v[0].Position.z = 1.0f;
	v[0].Color = *col;

	v[1].Position.x = loc_t.x;
	v[1].Position.y = loc_f.y;
	v[1].Position.z = 1.0f;
	v[1].Color = *col;

	v[2].Position.x = loc_f.x;
	v[2].Position.y = loc_t.y;
	v[2].Position.z = 1.0f;
	v[2].Color = *col;

	v[3].Position.x = loc_t.x;
	v[3].Position.y = loc_t.y;
	v[3].Position.z = 1.0f;
	v[3].Color = *col;
	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->Unmap(ptr_VertexBuffer, NULL);

	UINT Stride = sizeof(COLOR_VERTEX);
	UINT Offset = 0;

	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, &ptr_VertexBuffer, &Stride, &Offset);

	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->VSSetShader(ptr_VS, 0, 0);
	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->PSSetShader(ptr_PS, 0, 0);
	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->GSSetShader(NULL, 0, 0);
	ptr_dx11Manager->ptr_Context->Draw(4, 0);
	delete col;

and the costum COLOR_VERTEX is defined as:

   D3DXVECTOR3	Position;
   D3DXCOLOR    Color;

So first of all is what I am doing here:


1) I load what is drawn on the screen into 


and cast its pData into my custom vertex.


2) I overwrite the vertexes needed for "D3D10_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY_TRIANGLESTRIP"  to get a square and put the result

back into the ptr_VertexBuffer


Well then the rest is following ..



So my question is now how I would set a image into it instead of a color. 

I do have the following two things:

1) ID3D11Resource* ptr_Resource;

Got throught:

D3DX11CreateTextureFromFile(_ptr_Device, _file.c_str(), NULL, NULL, &ptr_Resource, NULL);


2) ID3D11ShaderResourceView* ptr_RenderResourceView;
Got throught:
D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile(_ptr_Device, _file.c_str(), NULL, NULL, &ptr_RenderResourceView, NULL);
As described here:
Sadly the drawing examble is missing since ebook got removed/the link posted there doesnt work anymore :/
Any Ideas how I would use those 2 things to get a image into my square ? Remember that I only want it to be 2D.
I gues just replacing D3DXCOLOR inside the costum vertex wont help, or would it ?

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